Selling and rental of towing trucks and forklift trucks

Brabant AG Industrie is not there just for the selling, but also for the rental of towing trucks.
Do you need a towing truck temporarily? Our rental possibillity will be ideal for you! It is also possible to lease a towing truck at our company!

Renting a Terberg towing truck

Brabant AG Industrie is also your partner when it comes to the rental of industry machinery. For both the selling and rental of, for example, a Terberg towing truck, you can expect us to deliver only excellent quality. Whether you want to rent, lease or buy: we think highly of quality!

Leasing a towing truck

We know like no other that business asks for flexibility. We can help you with the rental of several machines, like forklift trucks and towing trucks, but also cleaning machines. It is also possible to lease a towing truck! We take care of a customized lease plan that fits your situation. Together with you, we will search for an appropriate rental solution. Please inquire for the many possibillities without any engagement.

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